To Change Your Wordpress Password And Admin Username

Additionally, it is important to change your password and admin username if someone needs your password and admin username to login to do the work and helps you. After all of the work is finished, admin username and your password changes. If the person is trustworthy, someone in their business may not be. Better to be safe than sorry!

Cloning your website is another level in how to fix hacked wordpress that can be very useful. Cloning simply means that you've backed up your website to a completely different place, (offline, as in a folder, in order to not have SEO issues ) where you can get it at a moment's notice if the need arises.

Use strong passwords - Do what you see here can to use a strong password, alpha-numeric, with upper and lower case and special characters. Easy to remember passwords are easy to guess!

Keep your WordPress Setup to date - One of the easiest and most valuable tasks you Home Page can do yourself is to make sure your WordPress installation is updated. WordPress gives you a notice on your dashboard, so there is really no reason not to do this.

Now we're getting into things specific to WordPress. Whenever you install WordPress, you have to edit the document config-sample.php and rename it to config.php. You need to set up the database information there.

Always keep in mind that the safety of your sites depend on how you handle them. Make certain that you follow these strategies that are simple to avoid exploits and hacks on your own blogs and sites.

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